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Galic Caution

Financially things have been pretty stressful, but that’s true for SO many folks that it’s not even worth mentioning.  And in the thick of the worst we’ve been able to do things like our family trip to Ireland on the very cheap (house share and frequent flier miles) as an investment in memories for the future.

My lack of stamina, my unexpected flare ups, the pain visits have so sapped my confidence that I have been feeling rather low about my ability to do – anything.  Or at least do anything well enough to support the family.

So my horoscope today is right on target.  I can’t expect anyone else to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself.

Looking for – and seeing – my own strengths is an exercise I need to engage in more effectively.

Thank you once again, Rick Levine!

Sunday, August 8, 2010 By Rick Levine

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(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

If you are facing a stressful financial situation now, it’s time to make a serious decision about how best to spend or save your money. But this goes deeper than being a simple cash flow problem because the underlying issue is probably about your self-esteem. When you realize what you have to offer, your earning power could grow, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re worth any less than you actually are.

Change Trains?

So I’m finally here in Stirling, in my lovely room looking out onto greenery and trees, watching Antiques Road Show and recovering from 28 full hours of travel.  I felt a bit like Steve Martin/John Candy by the time my experience had ended yesterday.

It’s past noon and I should be out and about, but I really need the time to just sit (not moving) and veg a bit.

One highlight of my train trip yesterday was drinking cider and eating prawn chips while chatting with a young doctor on the train from Edinburgh to Stirling.  She seemed SO young, but so composed.  A lovely seat mate!

Bridges - Where?

The train ride up from London to Edinburgh was beautiful, a few loud revelers and children aside (the kids finally calmed down and it seems they were just hungry…  The revelers never quieted down, they were just drunk.)

It was a very comfortable ride with wifi and views worth SO much more than the price of the ticket!  I befriended a lovely little doggie (who shed, but was so cute I didn’t care) and the whole trip took much less time than I’d imagined.

Golden Fields in England from a Train

8 thoughts on “Exactly What I Need To Hear (er, read) Today

  1. And now, I happen to know, you are out testing your lovely rental bicycle on the cycle paths of Stirling, in a sunshiney day in a beautiful part of the world. SO glad to finally meet you in person, Annie! Glad you caught sight of me when I was hiking back up the hill and that you invited me on the bike-retrieval trip with Doug.

  2. Hi Annie,
    I too liked the investment in memories comment.
    your mothers saying is so right – I will be writting that one down.

    I am taking part in the Marketplace,

    Also bringing a friend up tomorrow, so hope to see you sometime. (Btw you are an amazing person/teacher and anyone who knows/met you, our lives are the richer for it.)


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