Falling Leaves, and a WINNER!

The winner of the book, Pure Wool: A Guide to Using Single-Breed Yarns, is cinderellen (and I didn’t even look at her blog link before I chose her, but apparently she likes cycling and knitting – she must be great!)

I hope she enjoys the book, and I hope the rest of you will check it out.  I swear, it’s one of the nicest, clearest explanations on different fibers that I’ve seen in a while – presented VERY simply with useful patterns.  I think Pure Wool would make a tremendous holiday gift (just sayin…)


I love this time of year, not least of all because my SOLD OUT retreat is happening this weekend (I’m keeping it very small to match my reduced energy levels, but it’s still 13 folks!  Do I feel some Halloween related scary 13-is-unlucky vibe happening?)

Stuff is happening here chez Modeknit – good and bad – just like life is supposed to be (and I seldom used the word “supposed”)

Gerry’s cancer is definitely back, Revlimid ($4000 per month – yikes!) will be started soon and we’re both VERY hopeful that we’ll beat this beast back yet again.  After all, we have enough stem cells for TWO more transplants, we know what we’re facing, and we’re a good three years beyond the original prognosis.  Every day is, indeed, a gift.

As Atticus fails, Ginger spends more time with him, he’s becoming a very empathetic kitty.

Atticus, too, is fighting the cancer beast, but his journey is probably going to be ending soon. It feels very, very odd to hold the life of a creature I love so much in my hands. I know we could ease him into a pain-free place today if we wanted, but I ALSO know how damned happy he is, how he still has moments when he frolics like a puppy, and his tail is constantly wagging.

Everyone says, “You’ll know when it’s time.” but so far we haven’t known.  Which may mean it’s not yet time?

14 thoughts on “Falling Leaves, and a WINNER!

  1. Annie, I wish your whole family the very best. I know all of you will rise to meet what’s ahead, I just wish you didn’t have to for a good long while yet.

    You WILL know with Atticus. It’s good to hear that he’s still a happy boy.

  2. We had an enormous crisis as young parents. A young doctor told us, “whatever decision you make, it is the right decision”. These words have comforted me for 22 years. I hope they will give you comfort as well. Wicked big warm hug to you – Ellen

  3. Oh, Annie! I am really sorry to hear the news about Gerry. I’ll pray the treatment is successful.

    Re Atticus, you will know when it’s time. In the meantime, make a fuss of him and let him know he’s loved.

  4. Every day that you have had and will have with Gerry is a gift, and I know that you will always treasure them.

    As for Atticus, it won’t be time until his good times no long outweigh his bad.

  5. A time will come when he is no longer enjoying life. He will sort of retreat into himself & not interact with people. You will know then that it is time. That happened with one of our kitties (he had been my daughter’s kitty until she moved to DC & was afraid a cross country move would be too hard on a 17 year old sick cat – we enjoyed his company for another 2 years). At that point we called the vet & made an appointment for Monday (it was Friday). Sunday morning we found him dead in one if his favorite spots on a bottom shelf of our wall unit. afterward I was glad that he had died in a place that he loved in no apparent pain (he still accepted petting although he didn’t have the strength to seek it) especially because my 3 grands came for a 2week visit the following weeken & my 5 year old granddaughter had a ton of questions: where was he? How did you know he was dead & not just asleep? It would’ve been harder (for me anyway) to explain having him put to sleep (& that’s an unfortunate phrase). You will know.

  6. Will be praying for each of you – Attics, too. On a practical note (and you may already know this), when medications are that astronomically expensive, many of the drug companies have programs to give you the meds at a reduced cost or even free. Know this from experience. Hugs!

  7. Yes, you will know when it is Atticus’s time and you will be strong for him. It is what we promise those companion animals whose lives we hold in our hands. We are their fiduciaries and act only in their best interests. We have done it for three beloved dogs and one beloved cat. (One of the dogs was an 11 month old puppy who had blastomycosis and her future was just too ugly to let it happen. The vets at the University of Minnesota cried with us that day, but validated the choice we made on our sweet Babe’s behalf.) It is hard, but they count on us and we can’t let them down.

    So sorry for all your hard times. You and Gerry will fight the good fight. His CA can be beaten.

    I live blocks away from you. Maybe we will meet one day.

  8. My husband has been on Revlimid for 23 cycles (months) and has been told his ratio is now within the normal range. So, yes, there IS hope! He was given two years to live and that was five years ago now. We hope it works for Gerry too. Best wishes to your family from ours.

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