Crochet At Play! Book Giveaway!

I have a great book giveaway, just in time to work up some fun items for your favorite Hannukah child (or any kind of holiday child!) Or for any kid for any reason!

The book is crochet_at_playCrochet At Play by Kat Goldin.

Her stated goal in writing the book was to “keep the fun-factor at the forefront of my mind.”

She strives to make the items in the book fun to make, fun to wear and fun to see.

I think for the most part she’s succeeded quite well, there are many items I would have loved to have worked up for my own kids when they were smaller!

Among my favorite pieces in the book are the whimsical ‘useful’ items, the sorts of thing that can be worn every day, but with a cute little twist.

I LOVE the Hedgehog Mittens – so adorable that a child might actually keep an eye on them and not lose one! They’re clever, simple, and absolutely delightful!


mermaidAnother delicious item is the Mermaid, which is so silly but so fun that I’m afraid I’ll be making them for new babies in my life for years to come!

I especially love the concerned look on the baby’s face in the picture, “Hello… I believe the tide is coming in!”

Kids grow up way too fast. This book will help a parent, aunt or uncle, cousin or friend enjoy many moments of magic in their young lives.

The how-to crochet section is clear, the instructions are well laid out and the models are absolutely adorable.

The projects run from rather easy to slightly challenging, I didn’t see anything that a committed and passionate new crocheter couldn’t tackle (some with a bit more effort than others!)

Another lovely piece is the Leafy Cape.  I can easily see someone working this up for a new baby, it could easily double as a favorite blanket until the child is old enough to run around the house in it!

leafy_capeSo are you enchanted?

Would you like a copy of Crochet At Play?

Simply leave a comment below telling me the MOST FUN ITEM you ever crocheted or knit. It doesn’t have to have been for a child, just something that was a blast to work up, something you thoroughly enjoyed!

Double Vision

I’ve had a lot of press lately with many items showing up in various magazines and books, which is always terrific!

I wanted to mention two sweaters I’ve recently done which have more than a passing resemblance!


Dream Catcher, Interweave Knits Winter 2013

My Dream Catcher Cardigan in the Winter 2013 Interweave Knits is getting a lot of attention – it’s a really fun knit, and it’s worked up in a chunky yarn (Brown Sheep Shepherd Shades) and it looks a lot like my Rose Window cardigan I’m currently tech editing and test knitting for release next year in my Stained Glass Knits collection.

Rose Window

Rose Window

Rose Window was actually the original inspiration for Dreamcatcher, but aside from a similar center back motif, the differences in the garments are greater than their similarities.

The shaping is different (Rose Window uses short row shaping to create an oval body) and the sleeves are worked differently (Dreamcatcher is straight garter, Rose Window sleeves are mitered)

But the largest difference is the yarn choice – Bulky for one sweater, worsted for the other, with all of the associated pattern writing differences.

I don’t really think of these as the same sweater, but as the same shape used in two different sweaters – rather like two Lopi sweaters with similar yokes, but which are entirely different garments.

I wanted to mention this here because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to slip anything by the knitting world! These are similar styles, but very different garments! This is something a lot of designers struggle with, I know I do! We come up with a unique shape that we love, we want to see it worked up in many different ways, but we want to be original, too!

The basis for these designs has become so much a part of my ‘design language’ that I will probably use it again. Maybe not in the near future, though!

11 thoughts on “Crochet At Play! Book Giveaway!

  1. I have done some cute baby things. Funnest thing I have made is my brain hat, although I am not quite done with it and my Harry Potter Christmas Wreath full of little sweaters and scarves in the House colors.

  2. The most fun thing I’ve ever crocheted was Purple Sprite, my first attempt at a freeform comfort monster. Still quite cylindrical, but tapered at the top.

    This book looks great, and I appreciate the chance to win it! Thanks!

  3. One of the most fun items I have knit was a pair of spiral socks for one of my daughters. It was from some bright orange wool with multicolored silk noils that I had spun up. She loved them which is really what made it the most fun.

  4. The most fun thing I’ve crocheted was a “broomstick” lace cardi for my then 4-yr old niece. She was still wearing it at age 12! And now her younger sister gets to wear it sometimes too! So this little cardi was entertaining to make, and has been extremely satisfying to see used. Hmm, I may have to dig up that pattern again; Niece #2 could use one of her very own….

  5. The most fun thing I ever knit was a squid. The pattern is from Hansigarumi, and I made it for my daughter’s second grade teacher. They have an annual “squid day” with dissections, t-shirt making, general learning of squidlike stuff. I figured it was the perfect gift. My DD is now almost 14, and the squid is still sitting on the teacher’s desk!

  6. My favorite item was felted slippers for my grandson. He was very specific in what he wanted, opossums in gray and silver to match one that a trainer brought to his school to show the kids. The slippers were a huge success once I figured out how to do it. He is also the child who wanted a giant crocheted jellyfish and I made him that as well. I would love this book. I now have two tiny great grandchildren who would love some of these adorable items.

  7. The most fun thing I ever knit was a pink and gray striped cardigan for my daughter. I absolutely loved the colors, and it turned out super cute, which I think added to the fun factor. She wore it all the time while it fit. Now I’m waiting for my second daughter to grow into it so I can relive the experience all over again.

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