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  1. I have followed you from afar for years because I enjoy your class and stylish patterns. My knitting has been curtailed due to failed numerous back surgeries and my fibromyalgia is stopping me with fatigue and pain. A visit to a local rheumatologist 2 days ago gave me no hope or encouragement. After viewing you on A recorded knitting Daily I found your blog and read some of your writings and hope I have misunderstood that you have fibromyalgia . If so do you have any tricks,tips or resources to ameliorate the symptoms that plague me. Additionally I am wheelchair bound and do kidney dialysis 3times a week which adds to my pain and limitations. Sorry to moan and groan as I know many others are more miserable than I but I must have found you for a reason. Keep designing and I remain a loyal knitting fan of yours.
    Le Ann Orr

    • Hey LeAnn! I wish I had a good tip, or any tricks to ameliorate fibro symptoms. I try to ride my bike (7 miles a day seems to be the magic number) but that’s getting harder and harder for me (and sounds as if it would be a no-starter for you, I’m so sorry!) I feel terrible that I have no brilliant, magic words. All I can say is keep on as well as you can, and I’ll be sending you all the good thoughts I have for easy dialysis and low pain!

      Moan all you want, it’s part of what makes us human!

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