Happy News!

We have some happy news for Patty D! She’s the winner of our ball of ModeWerk Bulky, and as an extra bonus I actually FIXED the shopping cart button so folks can order this yarn (man, THAT was bad planning… having a broken button on a website that we were promoting…)

So if you tried to buy some Bulky but got some odd message, it should be fixed now.  Thanks so much for your patience.


I’m feeling more human, but astounded at how bruised and in-pain I remain. Exhausted. I could sleep for 3 weeks, I think, and still not be myself again.

So I’ve made the very, very painful decision that when Andy goes off to college this week, I won’t be taking her.  Gerry and Max will go with her, I’ll stay here to sleep, try to eat some soup (all I’ve kept down since last Tuesday is some yogurt, a bit of soup, a frozen fruit bar and some fudgesickles)

I got up this morning and showered, got dressed, and decided I’d sit up and work on emails, contracts and other office type projects. However just writing these two paragraphs wiped me OUT, so I’m heading back to bed.

I would be NO help with the college move in, and I want this trip for Andy to be, “I’m SO excited about my new college!” not “I’m so worried about my mom’s health…”

Slow and steady, I guess.  The Valtrex is definitely helping the shingles, the most confusing and agonizing combination of numbness and burning pain I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you for your very kind wishes, I really appreciate them! I know I’ll be back to myself in a short bit, and now I definitely feel I’m finally on the upswing!

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3 thoughts on “Happy News!

  1. Here’s to feeling better SOON! So sorry you aren’t going with Andy to drop her off at college but it is the right choice. I hope she has a completely wonderful experience. I’m one year out from the same stage and it terrifies me a bit to let my “baby” go. 🙂

  2. I just read your blog for the first time. Downloaded your cowl pattern. But is beautiful!
    So sorry you have the Shingles. I had them all up and down the back side of my head and in the front of my neck! If you have them, it means your immune system is way down, so be careful, and try to build it back up with supplements.
    I came down with the meningitis in January. My immune system was nil. My head kept itching like I was going to break out with them again. I don’t think I could have handled both diseases. My wellness doctor told me to get King Bio Natural Medicine Shingle Plex. He said spray three times on my tongue twice daily. I did. When it was time in the evening for another dose if spray, I was starting to itch again. I used this spray for about a month. I know that it kept me from breaking out again with that horrible disease. I keep it on hand. Would not be without it. If my neck starts itching, I am on it. I would use it now wherever you are in the process. I hope this helps. I know your pain, and it is not pretty. I got very depressed because of the length of time it lasted and the pain. I am here to tell you it won’t always feel like it does now. Be encouraged. Linda

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