Week One of #HomeSaleFixUp Down!

It’s been a crazy, busy week; on alternative days I’ve been dyeing buttloads of yarn, skeining yarn, knitting up yards and yards of fabric AND scraping, spackling, painting and cleaning up the house, room by room, to ready it for sale.

Good friend Lisa P stopped by to paint the landing!

Good friend Lisa P stopped by to paint the landing!

When I look back and the work I did this week, I’m astounded.  It did NOT feel like that much, which makes me so relieved because I was terrified that I’d be so exhausted and pain wracked that I wouldn’t be able to do ANYTHING.

As I wrote in my last blog post, I think my return to HRT (hormone replacement therapy) has been an extremely positive change in my life, and I DO understand that this isn’t the route that is right for everyone! It works for me, though, and I feel like a new person!

Wulfentine Flow

Wulfentine Flow

My goal this week is to finish Max’s room (I left it half-finished on Wednesday to work on the hallway and kitchen/bathroom) and to make a sizable dent on the basement dye area (I have a CRAZY cool idea for that space, which I won’t write about until I try it, to see if it works!)

And I have a dyeing goal this week of at least 80 balls of FLOW in addition to other dye finishes, we’re gearing up for our Spring/Fall shows and I remember from last year how quickly we ran out of our popular yarns (the first show!) We can’t let THAT happen again!


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