• Home Again [A Continuing Series of Bullet Points]

I’m too tired to blog, to weak to think straight, but I’m home.

  • I’m exhausted, covered in adhesive from various body monitors, IV’s & ports.
  • Every breath I take, even when I’m just sitting, feels ragged and shaky.
  • I’m weak as a kitten, but nowhere near as adorable.
  • I’m home, I’m up at 5, sitting in my chair.  That is enough.
  • I’m drinking tea, watching an excellent BBC drama, with a glass of water at my side. That is MORE than ENOUGH.

16 thoughts on “• Home Again [A Continuing Series of Bullet Points]

  1. I’m so happy you’re home. I’ve typed and retyped many next sentences, but they all felt somehow flat. So I won’t require you to roll your eyes. Hang in, Annie.

  2. Dear Annie,
    SO wonderful to hear from you – (your brief note is MORE than ENOUGH! No blogging necessary) Sending you love and gentle thoughts.

  3. We’ve all been waiting to hear from you.
    Glad BBC is keeping you occupied … from the sofa, and that’s just right.

  4. I took a class from you at Allegan more than a year ago. I felt your perspective added a lot to my knitting arsenal. I am a nurse, struggling a bit with retirement, and I think of you often. I am knitting a retirement project, a Nature ePalette Blanket from Purl Soho and measuring my adjustment to retirement by the length of my knitted blanket. Know that I will hold you healing in my heart when I knit. I look forward to your posts as yu are able to share them. I’s knitting for your healing.

  5. So many are here with you – – hope you can feel the care & love we send . . . just rest & restore. Don’t worry about us – – just know we’re watching out & listening whenever you need to tell us something. Love you ………………

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