Small Victories

I just walked to the bathroom without my cane, which is a small – but significant – victory for me.  My balance is getting better, I’m trying to do balance exercises a few times a day and I think they’re working!

Andy rearranged my room, so now it feels like I have more room, plus the drawers I need to access are all pretty close to me, so that makes life easier.

I think I’m going to try to make it downstairs today, just for the change of scenery and maybe to watch a movie with Andy.  As I’ve discussed earlier, my mind wants to be fully well TODAY, but my body disagrees with that plan and insists on a few extra months.

I’ve had to cancel teaching up through April, and probably after that, too.  It makes me extremely sad because I miss my students, I miss teaching!  And, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I miss the income.  Since June I’ve had only yarn sales coming in, which feel like a lot sometimes, but this year is DEFINITELY our slowest year to date because so much of the focus has been on getting ME better.  I feel guilty for that, I feel like I’m bringing the company down, but Kathleen tells me not to be silly.

It’s freezing here, as it probably is where you are, too!  There are definite benefits to being in bed for most of the day, it’s the warmest place in the house!!

6 thoughts on “Small Victories

  1. Andy Landy, Interior Designer — has a good ring to it. Maybe they’ll do the whole house. If the desire is there, let ’em do it!

    Hooray for the bathroom trip and for trying to get downstairs today. Don’t overdo though, ok? It’s supposed to work two steps forward and one back, not the other way around. If it seems like it might be too much, just postpone.

    Hugs and love.

  2. Great to hear about the balance exercises helping.
    The bathroom trip w/out your cane is huge!
    Hope you make it downstairs OK. Change of scenery is a wonderful thing.
    Sending you love and positive energy.
    Tony & Bob

  3. I wish you all the best in your recovery. I can not imagine what you have gone through especially losing your husband in the middle of what is already an incredibly difficulty time. You seem like such a feisty, positive person and again, I wish you strength and peace. Love from a fellow cancer survivor, mad knitter, cat lover and longtime fan of your designs.

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