Mrs. Whiner


Damn, I hurt.  My back is sore, my legs are numb (which is oddly uncomfortable, you’d think that numb would be… numb?) and I’ve had nausea every morning these past 5 days.  If I didn’t know any better I’d swear I was pregnant.  Not really.

Thanks, hysterectomy and advanced age…

Andy’s leaving for a week, and we have folks to come and stay with me while she’s gone

(and feed the pets, and let Jasper out to pee, and feed me, and let ME out to pee…)

but I am going to miss that kid something awful!

I feel that the past week or so I have moved BACKWARDS in my walking ability, maybe the metheltrexate I took in such high doses in January is finally working itself out of my system?  This whole thing is SUCH a mystery to me, and information about recovering from high-dose, high-strength chemo is not easy to find.

I’m almost through every season of America’s Next Top Model (I’m taking a break at cycle 18 because it’s just so bad…)  This week in honor of my friend Kathleen staying with me for a few nights, I’ll be diving back into RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is more fun and has much nicer contestants that ANTM.

And that is pretty much my life right now…

Plus, I have more hair every day.

10 thoughts on “Mrs. Whiner

  1. Hey, Annie, remember when you were too darn sick to whine? When you just didn’t have the strength for it? You’re getting better — really!

    I hope Andy is going to have lots of fun and come back well relaxed and rested. They have been doing so much and so well. Obviously they were raised by two wonderful people.

  2. Our friend Les describes our peripheral neuropathy as numb and exquisitely painful. Go figure.
    The previous reply about you being well enough to whine is very insightful! Let’s go with that, shall we?

  3. Whining is great! It means you’re improving, although it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. Yes, some is the metheltrexate working itself out of your system. When I came off high dose prednisone a few years ago, I cried for days. Then a friend suggested using a heating pad BEFORE I got out of bed, and that has helped a lot

    Huge hugs and safe travels to Andy! By the time she comes back, I’m sure you’ll be doing three more things you didn’t think possible!

  4. With all the nearly knee-high snow and the temps about to take yet another below zero dive, it’s just whining SEASON here in Winter Wonderland.
    The Hostess circulates among us with her perky smile asking, “Would you like some cheese with that whine?” She seems so oddly unfazed by all the expletives and the snowballs hurled her way. Go figure.

    But you, unlike most of the whining crowd, have something just a little more consequential to whine about. Sorry to hear that your rock, Andy, needs to step away for a bit… BUT, she NEEDS to step away a bit, just to re-charge her batteries, plus…

    Kathleen and other dear ones – GOOD
    Step away from ATM -GOOD
    Rupaul – GOOD
    More hair – GOOD
    SO… YES to all that, anyway. And I’m betting there’s more reason to smile lurking somewhere.

    Much love,

  5. You’re not whining. You’re venting. Venting is more than allowed, even encouraged, especially with what you’re going through. Vent away, dear friend! Our ears are open, and we’re all here in love.

  6. Whine away! You deserve to whine! Get it out! I am so glad you are here to whine, my friend!!

    Also, I don’t know if this is helpful, but there is evidence that coffee enemas help open the bile ducts to help the body get rid of the toxins faster–which helps you feel better faster. They are part of cancer therapy in some instances. And it’s exactly what it sounds like–brew up some coffee (caffeinated, not decaf), let it cool, and then use it for an enema. The caffeine does not go to your brain, it goes to your liver. Clearly, ask your doc about them before doing one. Here’s some more info:

  7. Whenever my son was really sick he was such a lovey baby. But then when he was starting to feel better – look out! – he was a bear!
    Maybe it’s a sign

  8. Annie, your spirit is inspiring, so whine on — any post from you is welcome. Years ago I had much milder chemo than you, and was shocked at how long it took me to recover. I think it’s normal, even though that’s not much consolation when shuffling to the bathroom feels like climbing the Rockies. But spring is coming.

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