Do I LOOK Like Jack Nicholson?

I just had one of the most annoying—yet entertaining—encounters I’ve ever had with room service.

At the where we’re staying, they offer a “Big Kahuna” burger on the menu with SPAM and lots of other stuff.  It’s $16, and aside from the beef and spam, I don’t really want anything else that’s on the burger.

On the patio menu, which I could literally PICK UP FROM OUR ROOM WINDOW (if I had 6’ arms…) they offer a double cheeseburger for $12.  Still insanely expensive, but I can literally eat half for lunch and half for dinner, that’s how big it is.

I called room service to see if I could order the double cheese burger and they told me I can’t order it, but I COULD order the Big Kahuna burger and they’d take off the spam.

So I asked,”Could I order the Big Kahuna Burger and you take everything off but the beef and add another patty of beef and two pieces of cheese and charge me $12?

Pause while they went to talk to the manager.

Yes, they can do that.  But there’s a $5 delivery charge.

Kathleen is ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING.  She wants me to call down and order toast next.

Here are some views of our hotel, which is about all I’ve seen, because I’m feeble and sitting out by the pool for 4 hours today wiped me out.  But I’ll take it!

The hotel, and a shady place to sit!

Another beautiful redhead was at the pool.

Pigeons joined us for breakfast!

Poolside wire crochet.

5 thoughts on “Do I LOOK Like Jack Nicholson?

  1. Spam is Hawaii’s state protein! Aside from the sticker shock, are you two having fun? Sadly, those prices seem fairly normal, given that everything has to get flown or shipped in.
    If you can find a grocery, you might save a bit by doing some munchies. Then again, THIS IS VACATION….repeat as often as necessary!

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