The Hard Part

Annie has High grade b-cell lymphoma with MYC and Bcl-2 arrangements.

Already wracked with exhaustion since Autumn 2017, a fall in April 2018 seemed to switch on a huge pain episode for Annie, which remained a mystery until her diagnosis at St John’s hospital in Maplewood, MN in July 2018. 

Ironically, the hard part of cancer isn’t the cancer, it’s trying to keep things normal and balanced and dignified WHILE you’re going through the cancer.

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How Did She Find Out?
Metastasized areas which led to the diagnosis include tender lymph nodes in Annie’s chest, uncomfortable tumors in her neck and a large, excruciating tumor in the spine which was growing and causing Annie’s T10 & T9 vertebras to crack dangerously.

The pain for the past months has been unbelievable, and the road ahead promises to be a difficult one. We’re hopeful that radiation will deal with the spine tumor, and chemo will control the Lymphoma. Your good thoughts and wishes are always welcome! 

Previous Cancer For The Landys
For the past 12 years Annie’s husband, Gerry, has been disabled with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. During this time Annie has been the sole breadwinner for the family and also Gerry’s caregiver. The irony that Annie is suffering from Lymphoma, a ‘cousin’ blood-cancer of Myeloma, is only enhanced by the fact that both Gerry and Annie’s cancers were discovered through extensive spine injury caused by tumors. 

Self employed as one of the owners of ModeKnit Yarn for the past 5 years, during her recovery Annie won’t be able to continue to dye yarn or teach classes, at least not in the near future. In all honesty, Annie and Gerry are worried about replacing the income that will be lost when ModeKnit Yarn isn’t able to vend at as many fiber shows and Annie isnt’ able to lead as many knitting classes as she has in the past years. 

Unfortunately, self employed fiber folks are usually not flush enough to afford long or short term disability insurance, and this is the case for Annie. She is also concerned that her design and writing work may be impacted by the ‘chemo brain’ that generally accompanies long-term therapy for Lymphoma. If you would like to help in any way, please feel free to donate to Annie & Gerry’s fund raiser.

ModeKnit Yarn Is OPEN For Business During Annie’s Recovery!Annie is also very happy to have you purchase yarns and kits which are available at the ModeKnit Yarn online shop. The shop will be revamped to reflect work dyed by Annie’s assistant, Layla, and kits compiled by Kathleen Pascuzzi, Annie’s business partner. 

However, ModeKnit Yarn not be able to dye-on-demand for customer orders as they have for the past 5 years, this would be too taxing on Annie’s limited energy.  Getting well and beating Lymphoma is Annie’s top priority.