A Winner! And A New Prize!


The winner of the book below is Elizabeth Howard from Facebook.

She left a comment, I closed my eyes and
touched the screen and I landed RIGHT on her name!
Congrats to Elizabeth!

Stay tuned for more giveaways as life progresses!!

Using a VERY scientific process which involved paper, a bowl and two fingers, I have selected a winner of Knitting Everyday Finery.

Zoe from Minneapolis (PURE coincidence, I had no idea she was nearby!) will be receiving the book later this week.

I’ll be sending her book out to her later today – shoot, I should just bike it over – and I’m announcing a new book giveaway:

One + One: Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs is a great book full of small pieces worked in a variety of skill levels.

Most of the pieces are to be worn around the neck, or close to the face, which makes perfect sense as the yarn used is Iris Schrier’s Art Yarns – a wonderful selection of soft, shimmery, colorful fibers.

I would be happy to knit and own any of the pieces in this lovely book, but a few stand out as exceptional small garments which can challenge a new knitter while fulfilling an established knitter’s need for something engaging to occupy hands and minds.

Lacy Textured Cowl by Laura Zukaite

I especially liked Laura Zukaite’s Lacy Textured Cowl – a very wearable piece which could easily move from casual to extremely elegant.  The yarn chosen – Artyarns Ensemble Light – is a beautiful choice of soft cashmere and resilient silk.

Easy Cable Cowl by Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller’s Cabled Cowl would be an excellent small project to help a new cabler hone their skills.

Slip Stitch Wimple by Annie Modesitt

I have a piece in the book, too – the Slip Stitch Wimple (although it wasn’t photographed over the head, which is where a wimple usually sits, this could work as both a cowl AND a very warm hat-like piece)

Slip Stitch Wimple, Flat

For THIS giveaway, I’m going to select from among folks who leave a comment on my facebook page under this blog post announcement.

(yes, I DO understand you’ll have to be on facebook for this one, that’s how this particular cookie crumbles…)

Leave a comment by Wednesday at noon, and I’ll notify the lucky winner and send the book off soon after!


Guess What I Just Picked Up?

Knitting Millinery is BACK and it’s BETTER THAN EVER!

I revised it, updated all the charts (they’re legible!) and added new photographs. I metric-ed all the measurements and clarified some shaping questions. And the book ended up a bit shorter (huh?) but that’s dandy!

When I first created Knitted Millinery it was in a rush for a group class I was teaching.  I just had 100 books printed up and sold off the extras, and before I knew it I’d sold a few thousand.

But I have NEVER been happy with the quality of the images or the charts.  I really just created the book as a class aid and an alternative for folks who wanted to purchase several of my hat patterns (it just seemed WRONG to charge so much for each individual pattern when I could include five in a book for a lot less…)

So here’s the new, blue, improved and lovely book – I’m very proud of it, and it is now available here and will soon be available (again) through Amazon AND as a Kindle Book (my first!)

65 pages, Paperback
Wire-O Binding

Add to Cart

Five amazing wire brimmed hats to create using millinery and hand-knitting techniques.

If you bought an early copy of Knitting Millinery and would like to “trade up” I would love to extend a 50% discount on the price of the NEW Knitting Millinery.

Email me with your purchase details (if you bought it online I can look you up in my databse, if you bought it in person, tell me where and when) then I’ll send you the discount code for 50% off.

Yeah, it’s kind of honor-systemish, but I expect nothing less than honor-ability from my great readers!

…and the WINNER is…


I’ll be contacting her privately, but she’s the winner of the Crochet for Bears To Wear book. The publisher will be sending her the book directly!

Now, for those of you who missed out, I have TWO audio book giveaways (direct from me) and I’d love to get them sent out before the end of next week. Here’s the skinny:

Last  NightBook 1: Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving. I have to confess that the package has been opened because I wanted to listen to the book! It’s pure Irving, more substantial than his earlier stuff (which I love) and maybe just a bit heavy for me (I’m a lightweight) but I can see this becoming primo listening for some hearty knitter / crocheter!

SeabiscuitBook 2: Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand I adore this book.  I love the story, I love the writing, I love the story BEHIND the writing!  My recent/current introduction to a chronic pain condition has made me much more aware of how Ms. Hillenbrand worked to get such an amazing piece together, and the audio book is a delight to listen to.

If either of these books seem to stir something within you and you think you’d like to have them to listen to, just leave a comment and I’ll randomly pull a name out and contact you!

Being Mature

Today I went for a colonoscopy, my first in almost 10 years.  Unfortunately we showed up on the wrong day (after I’d done the 24 hour fasting and prep) I swear, this fibro fog is just NOT funny any more.

However I was VERY lucky in that they were able to squeeze me in!  This was a more eventful scope than my last, a lesion polyp was discovered, and a big one, too! (15mm)

I think when the doc heard about the delivery of my 11 lb baby boy 12 years ago, he felt a little competitive!

So we’ll hear soon what the biopsy has to say, and I’ll probably have to go back for a scope every 3 years now instead of 10.  Dang.  Well, I guess it’s good to have another hobby…

Crochet for Bears to Wear

bear crochet

I intruige you, no?

A good friend (Amy O’Neill Houck) sent me her new book, and although I don’t have any teddy bears (I have a stuffed poodle), I thought it was an adorable little volume of patterns that can be crocheted for any size teddy bear.

But the REAL power of the book escaped me at first, it took a special kid to help me see the true value of this collection of adorable patterns.

Last year I taught a young friend to knit.  It was one of the most fulfilling teaching episodes of my life, as this boy is very energetic, has difficulty focusing, but I could immediately see what a calming effect knitting had on his mind and soul.

Ben Knits

Ben Knits

And on his mother, who was pregnant at the time with her 3rd child and could use the respite of her son’s knitting!

So this year, just before the bear book arrived in the mail, my young friend dropped by (we watch the Amazing Race together each week) and noticed me crocheting like a madwoman (remember that doll I worked up 3 times?)

“What are you doing?”
“It looks like knitting…”

Which was a perfect segue into explaining that knitting and crochet are like cousins, with a lot of similarities.  The main difference is that with knitting each stitch is left live after it’s worked, but in crochet each stitch is bound off as you work it, making for a thicker fabric which can be more sculptural.

My brilliant explanation totally flew over my young friend Ben’s head, he just wanted to get to the YARN.  I showed him how to make a chain, and we made a passable start at learning an actual single crochet, but I could tell the spark wasn’t there.

Then Crochet For Bears To Wear arrived in the mail.

When Ben arrived the following Sunday for our regularly scheduled TV appointment, the book was sitting on the table and he gravitated to it like the moon to a planet.  He devoured it, he looked at every picture, commented on the designs, the possible difficulty of some of the pieces, and – of course – how cute  it all was.

As I said, this is a very special kid with huge amounts of creativity AND sensitivity that can hide themselves in an energetic exterior.  But he’s smart with his hands, and he was itching to try some of these projects.

CFBTW Interior

Just one peek...

Crochet For Bears To Wear is NOT a child’s book, although anyone who can crochet would enjoy working up the patterns.  It does, however, have such a wide ribbon of whimsy running through it that it would engage anyone.

Passion, fun, joy – these are thereasons we knit and crochet.  Any book that can bring so much of all three to a new – or established – crocheter is well worth owning!

In full disclosure I should say that I’d intended to offer my review copy as a giveaway to a worthy reader, but I’m afraid it’s spoken for – it will go to Ben!

[UPDATE: I WILL give a copy of the book away, just not THIS copy!  Leave a message saying that you’d like the book, and I’ll pick one worthy winner.  I’ll need to contact you (I can see your email address when you log in, no one else can) and you’ll receive the book from Amy’s publisher as soon as they can get it out to you!]