And the winner of the Infinity Scarf is…


Her comment about the knitting habits of Caribou was chosen AT RANDOM (I didn’t peek!) and she will receive the lovely pink infinity Amy’s Blend scarf!

I’m just back from a whirlwhind 4-college trip, visiting with my Senior HS daughter Andy (Hannah), so today I’m recovering and catching up on work from the end of last week/weekend.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another Caribou Coffee blog post (and a final giveaway – this time TEA!)

In the mean time, please don’t forget to keep using the #CaribouKnits hashtag – it’s snowing today in Minnesota (I’m working in my basement with my space heater on)  Let’s get some scarves knit for Breast Cancer survivors!


It’s Chilly, Who’d Like An Amy’s Blend Scarf?

One of the cooler aspects of the #CaribouKnits adventure this year is the inclusion of some unique Amy’s Blend items for sale at Caribou Coffee houses around the country.

Amy's Blend Infinity Scarf

Amy’s Blend Infinity Scarf

Although centered in the upper Midwest, you’ll find Caribou Coffees all over the countries (I keep running into them in airports — that leaping Caribou is always a welcome sight!)

This year, in addition to coffee, teas, cups and mugs, CC is also offering a lovely Infinity Scarf (what we knitters call a Moebius) and I have a beautiful pink one I’d love to gift to one of you!

This time let’s make it funny! Following in Kay Gardiner’s footsteps (btw, if you don’t follow her on Twitter you’re crazy – FOLLOW THAT WOMAN!) please tell me something that Caribou are known to do while knitting*. Leave a comment with your funny faux observation, and we’ll all enjoy it. After all, Caribou LOVE to laugh at themselves!

*Obviously Caribou don’t really knit, but a girl can dream.

Caribou Make Great Swifts! #CaribouKnits

Caribou Make Great Swifts! (apologies to D. Jones)

So leave your funny #CaribouKnits comment below, and I’ll pull a name at random and will announce the winner next Monday.  I’d announce it sooner, but we’re taking off for a college-visiting trip this weekend to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. This is what you do when you have college bound teens and a 4-day weekend!

In case you’re not on Twitter, know that you can use the #CaribouKnits hashtag when you use Facebook, too!  And if you ARE on twitter, just drop the hashtag in a few times a day and you’ll be making a small but lovely change a breast cancer survivor’s life.

FREE Twisted Float Scarf Pattern!

IMG_2277So you like using the hashtag #CaribouKnits, but you’re thinking, “Hey, what about some HAND knitting action?”

I hear you. Or I hear your internal thoughts. Yes, scary.

So here’s a free pattern for all of you!

Knit up a Twisted Float Side Knit Scarf and use up some of that worsted weight or bulky yarn you have lying around!

This scarf uses the twisted float technique that I like so much, but in this case it’s worked over 2 sts, not just one.

Closeup of the TechniqueIt’s a pretty simple technique, but the effect is very striking.

By working this technique in one direction for half the row, then working it in the opposite direction for the other half, your yarn will twist, then untwist itself, making the experience much more fun!

Knit this up, enjoy the free Twisted Float Side Knit Scarf pattern, and use it to create charity garments (or just a great gift for a friend!)

And have a cup of Caribou Coffee (or tea) while you knit – keep yourself warm, too!

Who Wants Coffee?

It’s time for my first giveaway in honor of the #CaribouKnits hashtag!

In case you are wondering, “What IS this #CaribouKnits I’ve been reading so much about?”
I direct you to my previous blog post where I discuss it at length.

So now the FUN part begins!

Amy's Blend 2013 - CoffeeI’m an oddball, I like my coffee like I like my men (pale and smooth). I know it’s fashionable to love coffee that’s VERY strong, and if you’re into that, more power to you! But I like a mellow-er blend of coffee (when I DO drink coffee – the strong, strong brews that have been widely available have made me appreciate a nice cup of tea on a more regular basis!)

And THAT is what’s delicious about Amy’s Blend. It’s rich and firm, but it’s not overpowering. It’s mild, but it has an opinion. I really love it, and I’m not generally a big coffee drinker (love the stuff, but it affects my digestion poorly…)

Just leave a comment below telling me about someone you love who you’d dearly wish to have a cup of coffee with, and I will pick a name at random and you will WIN the pound of Amy’s Blend – VERY delicious!

NOTE: If you’ve used the hashtag #CaribouKnits at least 4 times, you can enter this!  And I have a counter going (see the list to the right?) so I can tell!

And if you HAVEN’T used it 4 times? Well, GO USE IT!  You can click on the birdie button at the top of this post and add the hashtag 4 times and you’re done!



As you may know my life has been strongly affected by cancer. I’m not alone in this.

I doubt that there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t had a friend or family member affected by some type of this horrible collection of diseases.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve always had mixed feelings about this (could EVERY cancer have it’s own month?) but ultimately anything that raises awareness of simple steps that a woman can take to lower her risk of breast cancer is okay with me.

Jan and two of her babies

Jan and two of her babies

Five years ago I lost my cousin Jan (she was really more like a sister to me than a cousin) to breast cancer. She was the last in a long line of cancer diagnosis in my immediate family, and her passing hit me harder than any other had.

When I was with her near the end she was scared, and she was — cold.

There was something about her treatment, about the weight loss that accompanied her illness, about the hospital and hospice where she spent her last days, that caused her to be chilled to the bone.

So I gave her a scarf, and a hat, and some other knitted stuff (heaven knows I had a ton of it!) and I saw how her body was warmed and her soul was a bit calmer.

Caribou Coffee#CaribouKnits

Here in Minnesota there’s a local company which is becoming known in many other parts of our country, it’s called Caribou Coffee, and it’s one of my favorite places.

I’m fortunate to be graced with 4 Caribou Coffee shops near my home, each one with free wifi, comfy seats and welcoming to folks who just want to sit and have a coffee or iced chai and knit a bit (folks like me!)

IMG_0390The odds are very good that when you see a new design of mine, or read a blog post, it was at least partly crafted at a local Caribou Coffee!

So when I was approached by Caribou Coffee a few weeks ago to be their ‘knit blogger’ for the new #CaribouKnits hashtag campaign, I was eager to say, “YES!”

When I was told they’d be working with Cancer Care, an organization with which I’m intimately familiar, it seemed like kismet.


When you tweet or post on facebook and use the hashtag #CaribouKnits, a little counter goes off at Caribou Coffee headquarters here in Minnesota, and the Knitting Elves (Caribou staff volunteers who are using a knitting machine) get to work.

Each use of the hashtag #CaribouKnits = 1″ of knitting,
40 uses of the hashtag = 1 40″ scarf
1 Scarf = a warm gift for a person dealing with Breast Cancer

For example, if you use #CaribouKnits four times a day, by the end of the month you will have “knitted” (or have caused to be knitted) three scarves for folks who could probably use an additional layer of warmth as winter draws.

Cancer Care, a great organization which assists folks dealing with cancer in many ways (counseling, support groups, resources & financial assistance) is managing the distribution of the scarves to their clients.


But it’s not just scarves & love that Caribou is donating to Cancer Care.

For the 18th straight year, Caribou Coffee is honoring a beloved employee, Amy Erikson, Caribou‘s first roastmaster, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1995.

Each October, Caribou Coffee donates 10% of all sales of Caribou Coffee Amy’s Blend products to Cancer Care.

IMG_2286This helps the organization assist not just breast cancer patients, but ANYONE affected by cancer (including me and my family).

So if you are lucky enough to be in a Caribou Coffee community, stop by and pick up one of the Amy’s Blend products.

And, no matter WHERE you live, use the hashtag #CaribouKnits to add a few inches of warmth to a chilly body and soul.

It’s the easiest scarf you’ll ever knit!

During the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about #CaribouKnits regularly, and also giving away some delicious Amy’s Blend products! Stay tune – and USE THAT HASHTAG!!