Gerry Update

A lot of folks at TNNA asked about Gerry, and I figure it’s time for a short update.

Overall, things are very good.  When we consider that 5 years ago we were told that he had 1-2 years, things are exceptional!

Hannah & Gerry, 2012

Gerry’s doing okay – he has good days and bad days.  This spring he had a number of good days all strung together, which was wonderful!

This Summer’s been hard for him so far – me being away in Ohio for 2 weeks with Hannah was exceptionally hard for him – so we’re still recovering from that…

He was in what they called a ‘good partial remission’ because, evidently NO ONE goes into remission from this Multiple Myeloma. 

Hannah & Gerry, 1997

As of a few months ago, though, he’s officially relapsed.  Which was exactly what they told us would happen, but it’s happening 3-4 years later than they projected, so that’s very good.

As of his last visit at Mayo this past month his numbers were holding steady and even improved from the previous checkup (yay!)

If/when he does continue to decline, we have several strategies that the doctors are working on.  The great thing about this cancer, Multiple Myeloma, is that EVERY day seems to bring new breakthroughs, and new ways of dealing with the disease.  Gerry is living proof of that.

We have enough stem cells harvested (from 2007) to allow him to have two more stem cell transplants, but that’s far down the road, and a road that none of us want to go down (especially Gerry!) 

It’s a miraculous procedure, but also incredibly hard, painful, and exhausting.

So that’s what’s up with Gerry!