You can visit the new classrooms, containing my established classes (Combination Knitting, Twisted Float Shrug, Universal Mitered Handbag and Lace Bootcamp PLUS the Free How To Knit course) at



I have two new classes in the cooker – Knitting Millinery and Knitting with Color – I’m hoping to have them done by December 1st and ready for students.

Until then I’ll be welcoming students into my new classroom on an individual basis – I’m changing the timing of the classes so that you can start any class WHENEVER you want – you don’t have to wait for the start of the month!

Folks will cycle in and out of the classes in their own 4-week cycles, it seemed that most folks were working very independently anyway!

Self guided classes are $10 cheaper than guided classes, and all new students can use the code CRASH for a 15% discount on their classes!  Past paid students can take advantage of the ppfrs discount (email me if you’ve forgotten the details…)

You can easily register for all classes, or just sign up to be part of the network to receive updates at

I’m handing the registrations manually for the time being, so it may take up to a day to get you processed after you register.  Your patience is GREATLY appreciated – thank you!

I look forward to seeing you in the classes, and I hope my upcoming offerings will be as much fun as my current class listings!

On A Personal Note

Thank you SO much for the love and kindness you poured out after my last post.  I really hesitated to write it – I know how tiresome it is to read about someone feeling pain, feeling sad, yada yada yada  – thank you for understanding.