I’m Not Supposed To Be Here

I was likin’ the lichen…
(no, I didn’t say licking)

I am supposed to be camping an hour East of St. Paul. But here I am.


It rained like a son-of-a-gun.

We set up our beautiful camp, everything was smashing! Max rode his bike to go get wood, we started a fire, then Max and Gerry left to go get marshmallows.

During the Deluge
(Oh the humanity, and our beautiful fire!)

And then there was a deluge.

We knew there was a 50% chance of rain, but we risked it.

WHAT A STORM. When Gerry and Max returned (after I’d stowed everything under the picnic table and in the tent, where I huddled with a VERY frightened Atticus who does NOT like thunder) they sat in the car for 30 minutes because the rain was SO hard that to get out would have been to get soaked for no reason.  Because of Gerry’s mobility issues, we chose a drive-in campsite.

Plus, we have satellite radio for another month. We got 3 months free when we got the car. So they just listened to funny stuff and watched me. Ha ha.

Working by the Campfire

So when the rain subsided a bit we packed up the necessities, stowed everything else in the tent, locked up the bikes and skedaddled home.

At 9pm it’s still raining.

But it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS tomorrow & Sunday, so we’re heading back bright and early for canoeing fun (Gerry and Max will do that, I’ll hang out at the campsite and dry stuff off, and knit…)

Here are a few pics from today. Some lichen, a shot of me working BEFORE the storm, and a shot taken from the tent during the storm.

 Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet ~ Bob Marley

So, what are you doing in late September?

For the first time in years (7 years?) I’ll be holding my own Knitting Retreat.

When: September 23-25
Where: Lake Koronis near Paynesville, MN
at the BugBee Hive Resort Center.

$295pp Double Add to Cart
(twin or full bed in a shared room)

$350pp Single Add to Cart
(your own room, availability limited)

Non-refundable deposit of $100 required to hold a space. Group size limited to 16 participants.

The last time I did this it was a BLAST – it was back in Vermont, and I wanted to do it again the moment the last one was over.

Photo: Bugbee Hive Resort

I guess this type of retreat falls somewhere between an intensive, life and mind altering episode, and a lazy weekend of sitting and knitting.

It will be a day of classes (or not, class attendance is NOT mandatory!) nested in 2-1/2 days of lovely lakeside MN Autumn atmosphere.  There’s a hiking/bike path nearby, and the lake is beautiful!


I tried to keep the price reasonable, it covers food, lodging and a Saturday morning class on Colorwork (pattern for my Imperial Poncho included) and an afternoon class on Charted Entrelac (a new take on an exciting knitting technique).

Colorwork Class

I’m keeping my September retreat small, only 16 participants.  But if it goes well I may do it again and make it a bit bigger next time!

In the mean time, I’ve been receiving a LOT of interest in my classes and have set up a new “gigs page” where you can see where and when I’ll be teaching in the future.  Check it out – and let me know if you’re a shop, group or guild that would like me to come and teach!