Two New Beauties!

I’m a cardigan lover.

I like sweaters that close in the front, sweaters that I can leave open – it’s just what I like.  Of course, I design all kinds of garments, but when I’m choosing a sweater for me, it tends to be a cardigan.

So it’s with great excitement that I announce not one, but TWO new cardigans that are out and available for purchase!


Aliquot FrontAliquot is my first piece in the brilliant Twist Collective, and I’m very proud to be in such fine company!  I was inspired to do a three strand belt from a jacket Lucile Bluthe wore in an episode of Arrested Development (best TV show evah!)  I changed the idea a bit, and turned the jacket into a long knit cardigan with no closures, but the triple belt idea was a gift from the costumer of AD.

Aliquot BackOf course, you don’t HAVE to use the belts, or use just one, or two, or five.  And the way they’re attached to the sweater (through side cable twists) you can adjust them for your own natural waist, or for an empire look, or even for a very low-waisted look (that’s for the long-torso’d Angelinas out there…)

The front plackets and collar are worked with a double knit dropped stitch, meaning you wrap the yarn twice around the needle to create a very long stitch, then just slip it on the reverse side to create a two-sided Stockinette Stitch fabric.  It’s not a hard technique, but DEFINITELY worth swatching so you get the hang of it!

©Caro Benne Sheridan

I used the same concept for the collar, with a – wait for it – twist.  I couldn’t help myself…

The collar has two layers, an OVER collar and an UNDER collar.  A portion of the under collar is worked with a single wrap while the over collar continues to be double wrapped as in the facing.  This shortens the length of the stitch, and thus the under collar, which pulls the over collar into a nice, gentle fold.  The over collar / under collar technique is how most collars are handled in jacket tailoring, and I was happy to see how well it worked in knitting!

Closer to Home

La Bella

A few years ago I design a piece called Karis, a short cardigan with an asymmetrical front opening.  Recently the good folks at Lorna’s Laces asked me if I’d upgrade the pattern and make it a LONG cardigan.  So I did.  And here it is!  Carissa!

Modeled by one of the beautiful staff at LL, it features their new yarn, Honor (70% Baby Alpaca, 30% silk.)

I didn’t knit this up, which was kind of a luxury.  I should try this more often!

Seeing this great photo has inspired me to get my hair cut – so I’m off tomorrow to chop it short before leaving for Scotland.  It’s fun long, but I just get tired of it.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed that I have a good “Annette Benning” type of haircut (that’s what I’m going for) and a good color like I got last time at the Aveda Institute.  After all, I have to look good for…

Martha Blogger

Goin' Short

Martha Stewart is having a party for women bloggers, part of the blog her convention in NYC.  As I happen to be passing through NYC, and as I have a friend who’s very kindly allowing me to stay with her on Thursday, and since I was invited (yay!) I’ll be going!

I hope it’s not too hot.  I’m trying to figure out something to wear that’s stylish, flattering AND cool. I’ve crocheted a simple wire necklace & earrings that will go well with short hair, now I just have to figure out the rest of me!

Sending Up A Flare

I’ve meant to write about Ireland for a few days now, but finishing up a new design AND a sudden Fibro Flare-up have shut me up for a few days.

Not always a bad thing, some might say…

It’s so weird to have the fibro sneak in when I least expect it.  I had a few days in Ireland of a flare up, but it passed quickly and most of my time there was simply dedicated to experiencing such an amazing country.

I have been trying to watch my diet, to get in as much walking and biking as I can, because that’s been a help with the fibro, however I realized today (as my shoulders started aching and my throat became sore) that I’d skipped my vitamin D for at least 3 days, and BOY am I feeling those effects.

Not the nicest way to confirm how helpful the Vit D3’s been, but it’s a DEFINITE confirmation!  It has seriously been like a miracle drug for me.


I’m finishing up a small accessory crochet piece for Interweave (I’m having a hard time making the working up of it as elegant and fun as I’d like, I don’t like the patterns to feel too kludgy & overworked) but what I have REALLY spent a lot of time on in the past few weeks is my first piece for Twist Collective.

I’m SO excited!  I love the whole idea of Twist Collective, love that they (along with Ravelry and Pattern Fish and Interweave) offer designers a much more fair percentage than the 10% Soho Press (Vogue) seems to fee is appropriate for online pattern sales.  I credit TC (along with my own beloved Stitch Cooperative) with creating a new sense of empowerment among designers – empowerment is GOOD.

Colrain Knits Like Buttah

The cardigan I’m working up for TC is done in Valley Yarns Colrain, which is an absolute DREAM to knit with!  I meant to get a lot of it done in Ireland, but I ended up driving more than I’d expected, so most of the knitting took place on the plane and back home in my knitting chair.  Body comfort definitely affects knitting speed.

It’s a simple design, a slouchy kind of pull-it-on cardigan, but I think it will be appealing and it’s DEFINITELY fun to work up. 

Plus it has a cool belt, but that’s all I can say – you’ll have to wait until August to see the entire kielbasa…


The Emerald Isle, the trip of a lifetime for my family, deserves an entire blog post (or five) of it’s own.  And my shoulders are killing me.  So while I rest up and allow the vitamin D3 to work it’s magic, please feel free to check out all the pictures from my Flickr account from Donegal, Ulster, Dublin and all points in between!


I’m not teaching a lot in the US this year, I’m not teaching a lot at ALL, but I WILL be teaching in Columbus the first week in June!

The entire Stitch Coop will be offering some FABulous classes, with a special discount offered for those who sign up over this holiday weekend. We’re teaching at the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Columbus, and the classes are open to EVERYONE – TNNA attendees AND any knitter who’d care to come along for the ride!  Sign up this weekend for a juicy 10% discount!