My Husband, The Genius!

To be honest, I wasn’t horribly upset when my cell phone was stolen in Ireland.  It was the least of the missing items – and I didn’t like it very much.

I hate talking on the phone because I have a hard time processing audial information over a phone.  Listening I seem to be okay at, comprehending is hard, but answering in a way that makes sense is just too hard. Folks who call me get used to silence, followed by frustration.

Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the fibro, but it meant that my pink razor (yes, it was 5 years old) was an attractive purse-weight and used only for emergencies.

I had craved an iphone for a long time, but I couldn’t justify the expense for either the phone OR the AT&T service contract.

But when I found myself in the market for a new phone, I came across a solution.  I found a used iphone 3G at ebay (it had a crack on the back so it was pretty cheap) and it had been jail broken – unlocked – so I could use a T-mobile sim card. 

An iphone image from the 4th

T-mobile actually has a department devoted to assisting folks who use one of their sim cards with iphones.  Who knew?

My local Tmobile office gave me the sim card, Gerry got me added to our current contract for $9 a month (we’d canceled my old phone in May) and I was good to go.

If I want internet that’s a whopping $30/month, but I think I’ll do without it and just use the wifi built into the iphone and scoot into a friendly caribou coffee when I need to surf the web.

I’ve had an ipod touch for a few years, now that has passed on to Gerry who’s making very good use of it.  So I was able to easily transfer all of my audio books, photos, movies, onto my iphone.

Last night as I was syncing my phone I allowed myself to be lulled by the siren song of the pop up status window, and to my dismay I found I’d clicked “Update” and soon my iphone was installed with the newest operating system.

Genius & Genius Jr

The newest operating system wiped out my jailbreak.  The fugitive had been captured.

My Hero

But then along came Gerry.  While I went off to bed with a very sore neck, back and legs, he sat down with the iphone and searched online until he found out how to jailbreak the newest operating system.

He said it didn’t really take that long to DO it, it was just waiting for the steps to install themselves that was the long part.

Either way, I’m very proud of him, and very happy to have my wonderful cheaper-than-I-would-have-dreamed iphone 3G back again.  Yay me!

How lucky I am to have a go-to guy who can figure things out like this?  I know I could have, eventually, but it’s a relief to hand something over when I’ve reached my own frustration level.

Pain Again

I’ve done a few days of Yoga this week at the suggestion of my physical therapist.  It’s DEFINITELY a stretch for me – physical, emotionally AND intellectually.  At Core Yoga, where I’m trying out a free week, the rooms are kept very warm.

For me, this is a sort of living hell (I know it’s wonderful for the stretches, but I turned so red in one class I really scared the teacher.) According to my acupuncturist I have a very HOT constituency (extreme Yang) and BOY was that evident in the first class I took!

They don’t heat the rooms for the C1 (beginning) classes, but the one I took came right after a C2 class, so the room was REALLY hot from that one.

After I figured that out, I went to an 8am class, which was much cooler, and I did a little better.  I’m definitely going back, although I have yet to determine if this is the right place for me.  It may be a bit more hardcore than I’m ready for.

I was heartened that there was one stout woman with white hair near me (we were about the same speed, but she had better balance) and other folks in the 8am class who did NOT look like Yogis, so maybe that would be the place for me.  I felt a little conspicuous for my lack of balance and extra girth in the first class.

Whether the yoga is having an affect on the pain is not yet determinable.  I’m still in that ‘first few classes’ state where I can feel the muscles I’ve been using this week, so it’s a different kind of layer of pain on top of the fibro pain.

This is the point where it would be easy to walk away, but I feel that would be in error.  I have to give it a better chance.

Right now, though, I think I’ve drifted into another flare up.  Achey, sore, very loud ringing in my ears (that’s the determining clue for me) and a sense of malaise and depression.

So I’ll sit and work today, I’ll try to get on my bike, and with any luck I’ll get the last videos finished for the Lace & Twisted Float classes.

In case anyone’s interested in what my videos are like, here’s one I just finished for the lace class: