Introducing, “NO SPOILERS!” A constantly evolving collection of colorways inspired by popular TV shows & movies!

Kathleen and I love TV, and we’re not ashamed to say it. We enjoy good television to the extent that some other enjoy fine wine, great books or good food. (Of course, we enjoy those things, too.)

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a TV snob, some of my favorite shows are pretty low-brow, but I won’t just watch ANYTHING. Not only do my intellect, sense of humor and dramatic impulses require fulfillment, but I desperately need the VISUAL elements to be worthy of my time. After all, with Netflix, Amazon,  500 Cable channels and TunnelBear at our disposal, we don’t have to settle for second rate costumes & art direction!

And, because I love TV so much, I find myself wrapped up in a series for it’s full duration. I re-watch episodes, I talk about them with friends, and I’m often inspired by these serial dramas in my hand knit and crochet design work.

Now that I’m dyeing yarn, I have a whole new aspect to my inspiration – COLOR!

So, at unexpected moments and with very little warning, we’ll be cooking up colorways based on elements in a current TV or movie.  We’re calling this continuing collection, “NO SPOILERS!” because we won’t reveal any pertinent details of the plot in our colors (at least, not until after they’ve aired here in the US!)

Call The Midwife


The Knitting Dead


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