Wholesale / Special Orders

Wholesale Orders

Sherlock's Kitchen Colorway

Sherlock’s Kitchen Colorway

ModeKnit Yarn is only available online or at fiber shows, but our hope is to begin selling wholesale to Local Yarn Shops in 2015.

if you would be interested in carrying ModeKnit Yarn, or would like more information about opening a wholesale account with us, please contact us at kathleen@modeknit.com

Special Orders

Are you a yarn shop or a guild and would like a special yarn color designed specifically for your clientele or group?

ModeWerk Fingering

ModeWerk Fingering

Being a small business, we can be a bit more flexible. Let us dye the yarn of your dreams for you!

Perhaps you’d like a skein of yarn larger than our standard 100gr hank? Tell us how large you’d like your skein and we’ll price it out tell you how much it would be, then skein it up for you if you want it!

Just email us, we’ll get back to you right away with a solution to your yarn need!