You know, I could spend WEEKS working on this blogger thing. Productivity, schmoductivity – that’s what I say! Today was a great day teaching, then I fled to the Short Hills Mall for a brief stint of shopping (haven’t felt like doing THAT for a few months!)

Great sale at Chicos – I got a dress AND a tank top for $24.00 total! Passed by the new Apple store at the Mall (it’sFABULOUS) and got sucked in for quite a while. Ended up by printing out my resume, writing a cover letter and printing it out and leaving it for the store manager.

Well, they’d run out of applications! I’d love to work with those juicy little macs – I’m salivating just thinking about it! We’ll see!

But, the biggest news of all on this fine, fine day is that Gerry found my wedding ring!

It had been lost the week of my surgery. Specifically, during my colonoscopy, but after my laparoscopy and before my hysterectomy – what a wild week THAT was!

Gerry had taken responsibility for my jewelery while I was under the knife (or under the probe…) and – well, he lost my wedding ring.

It wasn’t an expensive ring – no stone – but it meant a great deal to me. The designer was Ed Levin and the style is no longer available. It has forget-me-nots carved into it (4 of them, one each for me, G

& the kids) and a series of vortex spirals. I just love it – it’s quite subtle – and now it’s back! Especially precious as it’s no longer available!

Today also would have been my dad’s 81st birthday.

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