Revolution Evolution?

While knitting this evening I was watching NOW on PBS and have been inspired by Ralph Nader to write to my congressfolk to tell them that I want them to support campaign finance reform. Apparently along with so many other important things it’s in danger of falling by the wayside because well – we all know why. Money, money, money – soft and cushy and oh, so green.

I must say that I loved his strategy of writing a letter (better than a call – which is better than an email) to my senator and representative and get a few neighbors to sign the letter, too. Then tell my congressperson in the letter that I’m sending copies to their opposition and also to local newspapers and media. When I think of the amount of time I spend on insane things – and add to that the amount of time I spend being so angry about the corporatization of our government – I realize that I have no one to be angry with but myself if I choose not to act.

A note of sympathy to Michael Moore of Roger & Me and Stupid White Men fame – he recently lost his beloved mother, which is probably why he’s silent during this latest corporate roundup of the usual suspects.

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