Beer makes you knit faster

Just finished a really CUTE pink sweater for Berrocco – I know that at this point I shouldn’t be doing my own knitting (I should hire knitters to work for me) but I can’t seem to let go. I need to find some knitters who want to knit for $$’s. The problem is, I’m so darned fast and I love the knitting part – plus, I hate to lose the $’s I’d pay to a knitter. But – if I’m going to be professional about this – I have to begin paying knitters. It’s more a leap of mind than anything else – a way of looking at myself and projecting myself.

Another problem with this is so many of the things I knit are very unusual, so explaining them to someone to knit for me would take as much time as knitting it myself. Plus, I like working something up so I can figure out tips and shortcuts to relate to the editor. A quandry.

I just received some terrific wire from Artistic Wire for a few pieces for Interweave Knits. LOVING this stuff – all different gauges! I only asked for 3 colors, but it really comes in a tremendous variety! I’ve learned that Nancie Wiseman, who taught me to knit with wire, has a book about knitting with wire coming out in Spirng 2003 to add to her other terrific books – go Nancie!

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