The fourth person in our family to get cancer this year is awaiting his prognosis today. We’ve been warned it won’t be good. I’ve been Ms. Lucky in this whole thing (well, personally – I’m clean now and all I had to do was lose my female organs…) but my mom and two of my dearest cousins have all been hit this year, too. My mood suits the rain – and it’s a good day for the therapy of knitting.

Schooner continues to sail on, finished another 9′ piece last night, one more to go then I fit the tree.

The second sail of
Schooner thus far.

Theatrical design update: The Basketweave Sweater Vest I posted a schematic of below has come back from the designer with HUGELY additional stitch patterning so I need to re-adjust the bid, plus the design concept for the crocheted vest has changed from something that seems “homemade by a beginner” to “something more uniform in style and scale” – oh, well, we can always use the piece I already made as a muslin (sloper) – and maybe I’ll sell the darned thing someday.

My husband says he thinks it’s hip, and
– being a short, balding Jewish guy in his mid-40’s – he KNOWS hip!

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