No sign of him…

We’ve papered the area we live in, faxed our flyer to all the local vets and shelters, visited the pounds – put ads in the Newark Star Ledger and all of the local Essex County Papers – still no Atticus. We’re thinking one of two things has happened – either he has found his way into a wild area (like the South Mountain Reservation) and hasn’t let any human get close enough to him for them to read his dogtags – or – someone’s found him and for whatever reason hasn’t called (either the collar came off, the tags came off or – sadly – perhaps whoever’s found him really likes him and wants to keep him…)

Either way, we’re sad. I don’t think anything really bad has happened to him or someone would have called to let us know – he did have our name, phone number and address on a tag around his neck. I’m still kind of in shock. He was the best thing that happened this year.\

Knitting wise, I’m not working as quickly as I should. This Thursday my intermediate knitting class starts, I’m excited about that – I’m working up submission swatches and sketches to go out next week (this always feels like an exercise in futility, but very necessary) and I’m working on a new project for an upcoming book which will really be FUN, FUN, FUN!

I have a lot of Atticus clippings that I saved to spin into yarn to make a felted backpack for my daughter. It seems more imporant than ever that I do a nice job on that, now.

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