Zoology 101

So I just finished a sweater for my son. It was supposed to be for my daughter, but when she put it on she proclaimed,

It’s ITCHY!!


Anyway, I took a break from picking out buttons for the aforementioned itchy sweater and found a thread on my local community chat on alternatives to “real” (dare I say, live?) dissections for a student who’s vegan. The class is AP, not required – but it was gratifying to see that someone posted the a link to a virtual fetal pig dissection.

Thankfully, I didn’t have the flash plug-in. But I do have a NEW sweater that’s almost finished for my dear, itching daughter. I hope I have it ready in time for her birthday on Thursday. What she REALLY wants is a knitted hammock – she told me this yesterday. She’s going to be 6.

This sweater is a combination of three strands of chenille and wool/yak
(itchy, yes, but I intend to work magic with hair conditioner.)
We’ll see…

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