Still going…

But I’m exhausted. Bone, bone, bone tired. My mom’s back in the hospital with pneumonia – this on top of her liver and lung cancer – what a time she’s having. I would like to be there, but it’s not possible on so many levels – and she sounds good on the phone, just tired.

I’m sitting here grateful that my private student is late this evening – a few moments to write up some bloggishness and sit with a cup of iced joe. Hark – the dog barks – could this be the student?

No. Tomorrow is my first beginning knitting class at the Newark Museum and I’m very excited. Part of the thrill is lost in the transportation calesthentics I’ll have to engage in to get there – Maxie gets out of preschool at 11:30 (downtown SO), must be at sitters by 12:00 (next door to my house), then I have to catch a train (downtown) at 12:19 to be in Newark by 12:30 to walk to the museum. It’s a mile between my house and downtown, so that’s a 3+ mile walk.

Having only one car in service bites – especially when DH has to take the car in the morning! Class is out at 4:00, but I have to be in Morris Plains for my real estate class (an hour away) by 5:30. I’ll scoot over to the train station, catch a train BACK to South Orange and (hopefully) meet DH at the station so I can get the car and zoom to class just in time.

DH was changing oil and air filters, all that good stuff, but somehow cracked something on the Hyundai Sedan so it sits in our driveway like a white trash lawn ornament until he gets out to practically- Pennsylvania to get a spare part.

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