I figure her lawyers are too busy setting bail…

To sue me for libel. Besides, all I will say is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I worked for Martha. Or, more to the point, I assisted the Art Director on her TV show and worked on the mag for a few years in the mid 90’s (1995 – 1998.) She is hands down one of the smartest women I’ve ever met, and – well – one of the rudest.

I’d given birth to one child, was pregnant for the next and my days there were numbered (Martha doesn’t “do” fat people.) When I was six months pregnant she got on the elevator with me and – when informed of my encentiente state – said,

“My! And look how FAT you’re getting…”

That was lovely, and just what a pregant woman wants to hear. It didn’t help that I looked like I was having twins (instead of my own 10lb baby girl!) and a woman in the office down the hall was due on the same day and looked like she’d had a large lunch.

I’m getting misty about the pregnancy – today is that baby girl’s SIXTH BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Hannah – I love you, sweetie pie!

Note the hand knit headband on my cutie pie!

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