Best Party EVER!

The birthday party was wonderful! Lots of kids, lots of adults – lots of running around with capes and hats and playing wizard! Best Store Bought Prop: The Glasses. Annoying Goody-Bag item: The horns (I will NEVER do that again, sorry parents!)

Amazing what $13 of felt and $10 worth of craft foam can do for 15 kids!

Of course, not every kid was into the wizard theme, but those who wanted to run around like maniacs played on the driveway with bikes and little cars – all in all, I think everyone had a good time.

I cannot thank my friend and neighbor Alison enough for the AMAZING Harry Potter cake she made for me – I’ve been so bone tired, and she didn’t offer so much as tell me she was making Hannah’s cake! It was so beautiful – I can hardly express how grateful I am – it truly made the party!

The Amazing cake!

Absolutely NO knitting was accomplished during the birthday weekend! But I am SO PSYCHED for Stitches East – going down on Saturday, coming back on Sunday! Woo hoo!

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