Any day I wake up and see my husband, my dog and several kids in bed with me, I’m a winner!

Staceyjoy’s Hat Contest is UP AND RUNNING – Woo Hoo!!! Great job, Stacey – the hats look so exceptional, and all judges decisions are (as always) absolutely right on the money! I just LOVE the Latvian Cap by Rhonda Hansal (hmm, could it be because she’s from Ohio, USA??)

Seriously, all of the hats shown are so lovely -such a range of styles and colors, etc. What a variety of shapes (and so many of them are for sale, FABulous Christmas Gift Idea!)

Off to Rhinebeck this morning for the Sheep & Wool Fest – what fun! I have a hat entered there, too – I’m just a hat-entering maniac these days!

You can go to Red Lipstick and vote for your favorite hat Oh my goodness, how did THAT link sneak in there… Shameless Hussy!

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