Halloween is a comin’!

And none too soon. If I’d let them my kids would sleep in their halloween costumes (of course, my son’s is made of his red sleeper, so that’s a no-brainer!)

Good vs. Evil

I’ve been pouring boiling bleach water over chair seats all morning (to size/shrink them and to lighten the twine I used) – I hope they turn out okay. Always a little scary to do something like that – like throwing a sweater in the washer!

I just finished the Knitting Now man’s sweater – I love the look of it, but wish I’d decided to make a man’s XXL instead of a medium (so I could wear it around today!)

On to a smashingly sexy woman’s sweater with a plunging V-neck – that’s all I can say -oh, and that you’ll get a lot of dates if you wear it! Especially if you knit it up in the soft, silky LUSH yarn that I’m using. The color? #4407 I call it Volvo Blue!

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