Trip Fever

We’re all rarin’ to go – we have TRIP FEVER! We want to be ON THE ROAD. Road trip with the kids, too fun (I’m delusional.)

I have a bunch of fun car knitting to take with me, plus we got a very small TV at the Odd Lot Store for $100 – it’s an RCA and has a VCR and plugs into the car so the kids can watch videos on the trip – early Christmas present! And the best news is that after the trip it goes in my office so I can watch documentaries and Judge Judy until my eyes fall out!

I intended to make socks for everyone, but I’ve been very busy just getting my designing stuff finished – so, it will be socks for the guys, bracelets and necklaces for the women. I just made about half a dozen for Hannah’s teachers at school (gym teacher, art teacher, librarian, reading teacher, computer teacher – and, of course, her own Mrs. Garrigan and the teacher’s aide!) Wait – that’s seven. Oh, well, I guess I missed someone…

Speaking of socks – this guy won’t need any in a little while – this is TOO weird.

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