Greetings from Parkersburg!

A nice day of driving – we were able to fit EVERYTHING we need in the van, and still have some extra room! Quite a trick when you consider that we have a dog and an EXTRA LARGE dog kennel in the car, too!

Atticus traveled so well – just lay down and snoozed, or sat up and watched the scenery. Sat patiently when we had lunch and wasted no time (if you know what I mean) when we went for a little walk. We arrived in Parkersburg at 7:00 pm and dropped him off with my cousin, Jan (she has 3 standard poodles – Atticus was in heaven, it only took about 2 minutes for him to bond with Jan AND her dogs) It’s so kind of her to keep him overnight – just wonderful!

Then the human portion of our caravan continued to my cousin Julie’s house – my kids immediately fell in love with her two teenaged daughters (especially Britney) and had a BLAST with them all evening. Of course, it’s possible to have TOO MUCH of a good thing and Hannah awoke at 11:30 with a stomach ache and was pretty sick. We’re crossing our fingers that it was the three slices of garlic bread (which she’s never had before) and the pumpkin cake (also a new item for her) and that she’s NOT coming down with a stomach flu.

She doesn’t seem to have a fever, and she’s resting upstairs well – if she IS sick we’ll put off our visit to my cousin Deb in Atlanta until our return trip and stay at motels until we get to Dallas – best to be safe and not infect anyone! We’ll bide our time and see how she does tonight. Max is – well – Max! He’s got a runny nose, but otherwise he’s sunny and feeling fine!

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