Just Peachy

We knew we were getting close to Atlanta when we saw a giant peach watertower – the kids were thrilled and insist that James is living in it (Did I mention that last Halloween Max was James and Hannah was Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach?

Gerry ‘s in love with my family – he can’t believe how nice everyone is – obviously we’re on our best behavior, but I do have a pretty nice family, that’s for sure! The trip has been a pleasure – the little RCA TV we bought is the best addition to a backseat that we could have made! The kids watch a little TV with their headphones on, look out the window, draw (thanks Nicole for the wonderful traveling art set!) and the bickering has been minimal! Atticus continues to travel better than we ever expected (and we expected a great deal!) and worms his way into everyone’s heart as soon as they meet him!

Last night at my cousin Deb’s was wonderful – her two daughters made such a fuss over the kids, Hannah and Max are totally won over by them! I can’t believe how grown up her son is (he’s 23 – I remember when he was born!) and her husband, Peter, is a gem! He and Gerry are very similar, and that makes me and Deb very lucky women!

Our plans today include a stop at a WAFFLE HOUSE (which Hannah can spell and read – thank you very much) and then on to Unclaimed Baggage! After that we’ll hit Little Rock and stay overnight and finish our trip to Dallas tomorrow. In the morning before we leave Little Rock we want to stop at the Heifer Organization’s ranch and let the kids see some of the animals – our kids are nuts about livestock, go figure…

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