I am a slug. Slug, slug, slug. Just kind of sitting around doing not much. I should have been working on some designs, I should have been swatching – I did at least chart an intarsia pattern yesterday, but being out of my own environment makes me – well – sluggish!

We moved to a new motel today. Nothing wrong with the old one – your basic Days Inn -but the new one has an indoor pool and a refrigerator/microwave. We could stay with my brother and his wife and my mom at their house, but I think it would be a VERY full house – and it’s good for everyone for us to have a bit of a refuge!

This evening the kids are going to a gymnastic place to play (their cousin Alex is quite a gymnast, from what we’ve heard…) and while they’re occupied the adults will go out to dinner (or just drinks and appetizers) Also, for the next week the kids will be staying here at Uncle Jim’s most of the nights – woo hoo!

Gerry is dealing well with the family – only slightly overwhelmed. The 23rd is the 10th anniversary of our first date. We want to do something special!

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