Great Date!

Gerry and I had a TERRIFIC date on Monday Night at the Greenville Bar & Grill ( 2821 Greenville Ave./ Dallas, Tx / 214-823-6691) The food was terrific (Salmon for G, Chicken Fried Steak for me) great beer, good coffee and they gave us a wonderful dessert to help us celebrate. If you live near Dallas VISIT this place, especially on a Monday or Tuesday night because they’re having a special right now and many of the entries are half price. The total damage for our evening (did I mention the two bowls of Shrimp Bisque that we had?) was $39.00. This was NOT a disappointment, not at all!

Yesterday my SIL and I visited a few stores in the area – my favorite type of shopping – Yarn and Secondhand Clothes!! We got some AMAZING bargains for the kids – beautiful stuff and everything was discounted 40%!! We also visited The Woolie Ewe in Plano for some delicious yarn shopping! I got a gift certificate for her for Christmas, so we were pre-shopping before their big sale on Saturday!!! She bought me a few lovely balls of yarn and got a few for herself (I’m going to get her started on a pillow – her scarf was so wonderful!)

Last night was Christmas Eve – we all piled into the mini van we’ve rented (our mileage is up to 2700 – thank heaven for unlimited mileage – thank you Hertz!) and drove 50 miles over to Arlington for the Interlochen Christmas Lights They were nice – very lovely, but to be honest the hype was a bit much and the LONG, LONG line of bumper to bumper traffic (did I mention I was driving?) really diminished the excitement. On the way home we drove through Highland Park on Mockingbird Lane and looked at those lovely lights, too. It occurred to me as I was sitting in the heavy traffic surrounded by SUV’s that there probably couldn’t be a greater mass demonstration of conspicuous consumption of fossil fuels anywhere in the world. The residents who decorated, the viewers sitting in the gas guzzling boxes – it was a festival of exhaust (and the best christmas ever…)

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