Happy Birthday Katie!

Pretty pathetic when I miss many friend’s birthdays, but I remember Katie Couric’s, huh? (Well, it doesn’t hurt that they announce it on NPR – and check out Matt when he actually HAD hair)

It’s cold here, windy, but a lovely blustery day. After walking my son to his school I’m going to hunker down for a day of knitting. I’ll finish up that Tartelette project today, then move on to some serious designing for a new round of submissions.

I’ve always loved colorwork, but I’m really going through a strong intarsia phase right now – heavily into the colors and patterns of the central asian region (listening to a lot of Borodin) Do we live in an amazing time, or what?

Tonight is my first Contemporary Knitting Class at the Baird Center. Because everyone is coming into the class at different levels I’m going to try something new. I’m not going to start by teaching to cast on – I’m going to knit up enough small swatches (on the needle) for the students and pass them out so we can begin by KNITTING. I’ve always thought it’s a shame that the hardest part of learning to knit is the cast on and the first row, and that’s where one would naturally begin. But I’m thinking that once the total beginners are able to get a few stitches under their belts they’ll feel more natural about casting on -and for the more experienced knitters it will give them a chance to jump right into learning the combination method! I’ll let you know how my little experiment works out…

I feel like I’ve had so little time for surfing the blogs that I love – but I ran across one yesterday that’s terrific… Alison’s which reminds me – if anyone has a blog they’d like me to add to my list at the right, just email me and I’ll put it up.

Also, I’ve NEVER had any luck with my archives – anyone have any suggestions?

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