Tikkun Sweater

I’m sure you all remember the infamous screw up sweater? Well, it is screwed up no longer! Last night at the Knitting Meetup I finally started on the sweater – I took the sleeve off of the right front of the cardigan, undid the right shoulder, placed the back shoulder stitches on a holder and started ripping out the right front. I ripped down to the mistake at the meetup, then later when I returned home I knit the front up again (sans mistake) and re-bound off the shoulder using the 3 needle bind off.

All I have to do this morning is sew the sleeve back on the front, and work a few rows of garter stitch as trim around the neck and down both fronts. I am so glad I had the chance to redeem myself from such a silly and thoughtless mistake!

Just when I start to think I’m perfect I discover again I’m beautifully human!

The meetup last night was great! I (being the anal-retentive Virgo midwesterner I am) arrived at the Borders on Rt. 10 in Livingston a tad early – but that allowed me to scam the leather sofas (A man I’ll call “Mr. Fodor”, who was reading a travel book, smiled at my knitting when I sat down – at least he didn’t recoil in horror!) When the other meetup folks showed up I think we scared Mr. Fodor away – or maybe it was when the talk turned to childbirth? Who knows… We did offer to teach him to knit, but he had other fish to fry.

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