I’m in love…

I’ve just finished swatching a bunch of designs for a few yarn companies – still have one company to go – but I wanted to mention a yarn that I had taken for granted before that really has me excited (in a very calm way…)

I love Follies by Classic Elite. This yarn knits up in such an elegant manner – it’s soft, cables nicely, has very good stitch definition and drapes beautifully. I’d worked with it before, but I didn’t really understand how nice it was until I fiddled around with it again this time.

“Seeds” by Judy Ditmore at Interlacements

& The Red Rayon Chenille is from The Mannings

I finally finished my brother’s scarf from Christmas – better late than never! I’ll send it off today along with tidbits for the other family members. I bought the Seeds at Stitches East and intended to make something for myself with it, but still have yet to accomplish that!

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