So very, very cold…

I watched the DATELINE last night about the boatload of explorers who got trapped up in the Arctic in 1914. The cheese factor in Dateline is so fabulous – just like UNSOLVED MYSTERIES – jeez, I wish I had cable so I could see it every now and then!

Anyway, these guys (and one 4 year old girl – go figure) were trapped in the snow, 40∫ below zero, so that inspired me to walk the mile to my son’s school with him this morning. Max is a rough type of kid, up for anything, he’ll be 5 on Friday. So we hiked through beautiful,cold South Orange and talked – I love our little morning talks. He comes up with the greatest questions, and is currently fascinated with Death (well, who isn’t at some level?)

The BIG family news for me is that my daughter has finally taken to the needles! Yep, 6 year old Hannah, after a few false starts last year when she thought she wanted to learn to knit but was stymied by the actual manipulation of the yarn, has taken to knitting like a duck to water! We were at the doctor’s office last week and, to pass the time, I cast on about 30 sts and began working a garter stitch square for a felting swatch. She, bored with the lack of kids magazines, asked me to show her once again how to knit. And voila! She really got it! She knitted like a little champ, came with me into the examining room and sat behind the little changing curtain while I had my exam – knitting away!

This child who NEVER wants to go to bed on time learned last night the absolute best way to extend her bedtime; “Mommy – can I sit with you and knit for a few minutes?” Of course.

Anyone here read Mighty Girl? I love her. Here’s one of her essays that touches my millinery bone. And, oddly, she looks so much like my best friend that eve her 3 year old son was confused when he saw “Mommy’s” picture come up on the computer.

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