We was robbed!

I cannot BELIEVE that Far From Heaven was so passed over by the nominations! Dennis Quaid was unbelievable, Sandy Powell’s costumes were incredible (especially that sweater), and the Art Direction by Mark Friedberg was stupendous! Plus it was just an all out great movie! I can’t believe that Dennis Haysbert wasn’t even considered for a Best Supporting! Egads! (I’ll just sit here and steam…)


I was remiss not to mention that Far From Heaven HAD been nominated for 4 awards, these are:

Best Actress (Julianne Moore)


Music (Score)

Writing (Original Screenplay)

We was STILL robbed. Hollywood (and Broadway) are dismal in their recognition of the true brilliance to be found in the subtlety of good Costume Design. Bwahahahahah – Subtlety? Excuse me, I have to get up off the floor…

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