Amazing Class #6!

We have 4 classes to go and my class is well on their way on their great projects!

I’m astounded by one student – she bought her yarn on Friday for a swing coat and walked in last night with a good 8″ of major knitting done! Not bad for a beginning student!

Another student has broken out and completed an adorable little lace diamond (lace! – her first time!) which is the end of a long lace scarf she’s making –

Last night we turned the heel on yet another beginning students’ fuzzy foot – she’s doing SO well – and it was great for the class to see someone actually turning a heel.

Another lesson in gauge last night – and something I’ve said for years – you can struggle with a gauge swatch, but sometimes it all goes out the window when you start working on the actual garment! One of my students was getting a 4sts/inch gauge on size FOUR needles last week – this week when she started on her piece her gauge was more like 5 sts/inch – so we moved up a needle size – live and learn!

Still waiting for yarn to arrive for a few of my other students – cannot WAIT to dive in on their projects! I’m meeting privately with a few students who couldn’t make it to class last night, and next week we have off for Winter Break so I’ll try to meet privately with everyone in the class at some point to shepherd their projects along.

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