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As I mentioned on Friday, I’ve decided to start offering patterns online for sale – well, patterns other than the millinery and furniture which, cool as it is, has a very limited audience. I’d like to offer stuff that is more accessible. Also, to be quite honest, I design so much great stuff that I love and NEVER see published. So I figured, “Why not publish it myself?”

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s intruiging to me how circuitous the route my mind takes from point A to point B. At any rate, I’d like to offer free patterns every now and then, but so much work goes into each new pattern that I can’t do it for an extended period. I’ll also be offering kits for sweaters and non-wired hats – this means a bit of an investment ($) on my part, but I feel it’s the right thing to do right now.

However, for the next 5 (count ’em) F I V E days I’ll be offering my Rasta Hat pattern (a $3.50 value) for bupkis – the downloadable version only. This will give you guys a chance to see my patterns, get a feel for how I write them, and will give me a chance to get some feedback from some of the chattiest and best knitters I know (bloggers!)

So – click on the Rasta Hat to download the pattern!

The Rasta Hat – in SEVEN sizes

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