And now a break from our previously scheduled commerical…

Oy – I was looking over the last few entries and I apologize for the commercial tone they’ve taken! I’m so excited by the ease of the shopping cart, etc., new products that I carry that into parts of my life that I should try to keep a little less – well – commercial. What’s terribly exciting to me may not translate into anything other than a static pop-up ad for many of you!

I FINALLY received some Muench yarn yesterday for a new editorial project. I’m working with Merino Soft in 2 colors and it is so great to play with! I remember in the 80’s when I first used Baruffa Maratona and thought I’d died and gone to heaven – the spring, the resiliency, the softness – reasons to adore merino! My doggie’s fur feels like Merino at times – he gets petted a LOT.

Last night was a very nice Knitting Meetup. I took my daughter with me – she’s off from school this week and – as a new knitter – I thought she’d enjoy it! She is good for about 30 minutes of knitting, then she wavers and flags. I keep forgetting how much immediate positive reinforcement she need – and that it’s up to me to supply it – I need to be better at that. I was so tired last night – this exhaustion just goes on and on and on – I’m hoping that when the Spring comes the warmer weather and extra daylight will help me deal with the tiredness.

Today I’m perhaps starting a new knitting class/venture – it’s in association wth an organization in Newark and they want to hire me for a few hours a week to come in and sort of coordinate a knitting project between grandparents and kids. I’m curious to see exactly what they do.

I’ve been ‘adopted’ by a new knitting class on Sundays – this is how it feels to me, and it’s very nice. Four good friends wanted to take a knitting class and it went so well I think we’re going to make it an ongoing event. I should have pre-cast on and worked a few rows for them before class, but I didn’t (laziness) so we had to cover the Cast On and the dreaded first row of knitting after the cast on… in our class. They did remarkably well!

My main goal – as it is with all of my classes – is not so much to teach them now to KNIT, but how to tell what’s going on WHEN they knit so they can self-diagnose and figure much of the stuff out themselves in their own way.

I’d like to teach them to be courageous knitters.

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