I think.

When you have kids, you just seem to be sick all the time (well, someone in the household tends to be ill at any given time in the winter!) And this has been a VERY cooped-up winter – lots of inside interaction with friends, inside playdates – not a lot of outside playing (just too darned cold!)

This means lots of colds are shared. We were lucky and missed two of the big cold and flu ’rounds at Hannah’s school, but it looks like Bronchitis may have hit our own home now. Not the kids – me. I’m barely breathing, coughing – these things tend to hit asthmatics harder. So far I hadn’t had my yearly Bronchitis (it seems to come once a year) but it looks like it’s here now! My whole immune system seems whacked out since the surgery.

But – a cold never stopped knitting! This evening I have my knitting class (the first time in 2 weeks) so I’m going to devote myself to getting back up to speed today with tea, fruit, vitamin C and Echina… (however you spell it…) I’m terribly anxious to see how my students are doing on their projects! I don’t feel terrible, just generally lethargic and have a great deal of difficulty with the coughing, etc.

Good heavens, I sound like my grandmother! BASTA!!

Oh, BTW, here’s the obligatory photo of my cat (who sleeps on my printer on a blanket I did for American Baby several years ago. Maybe I should offer it to “Cat Fancy” as a project for cat-owning knitters?

Butkis is his name – after Dick Butkis

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