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We don’t drink at our classes, but if someone were passing by last night they would have thought we were all a little tipsy. What a fun class! I’m amazed and so impressed by the work of my students – even the ones who aren’t making a ton of progress on their class projects have picked up something else and are going to town on that! A couple of our students are STILL waiting for yarn to arrive (they ordered it) and that’s a bummer. But they’re more established knitters and have other projects they’ve continuing with until their yarn arrives.

This morning my little boychik climbed into bed with his blankie, Blue (from Blue’s Clues) and a tiny beanie baby Siamese cat he’s named Pat. Pat, Blue & Blankie. He whispered as he snuggled in between his father and me, “Mom, I brought three customers…” The mind reels.

I’m looking into placing display ads in some local papers today to get some new private classes going. I have one on Sunday that is going so well, and a new one is starting Wednesday (next week) made up of 4 local folks. I like this small, intimate teaching in someone’s home – it’s good. I’d like to do more of it!

Speaking of which – if anyone is interested in having my Combined Knitting Class (or any of the odd little classes I teach) offered at a Knitters Magazine Stitches event, please email Jen Johnson at XRX and let her know. A few months ago I sent in some proposals for teaching classes, but in a very kind email Jen explained they aren’t interested in using me right now because –

…We have no doubt in your talents as a designer . . . but I must admit that the primary reason for delaying the use of your classes in our schedule was due to lack of prime time teaching experience. With such high expectations from students, we are simply very wary about bringing a new face to the field without a bit of backing from other major venues. It’s not to say that we will not use you for future events, just that we are careful of the number of new teachers we introduce at each venue.

I’d love for Stitches to take a chance on someone who hasn’t taught at a major venue yet If you agree, tell Jen!

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