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I had two meetings with fellow bloggers this week – I love seeing these new friends that I’ve made online. Last night Marilyn (aka The Knitting Curmudgeon) and I met at B&N for some coffee and kniting chat. She’s so great – such a good knitter (Achim is a very lucky guy to be getting the GORGEOUS Cashmina Gansey she’s knitting for him – and he’s not even Scots!) and we find that our previous lives as knitting editor / techincal writer dovetail at some odd places. A good person to know.

Earlier this week I stopped by StaceyJoy’s wonderful establishment, Red Lipstick in Brooklyn. I had to be in the best borough on earth for a lunch engagement, and stopped by to FINALLY pick up my hat from her hat show and contest in the Fall. Great to see her – although my timing was either excellent or terrible as I showed up just as she was leaving and we had barely 2 minutes to chat! If I’d been a minute later I would have missed her – so I was lucky (but not lucky enough to have time for a nice cup of tea with her!)

Today I’m back to designing some new jewelry pieces – I’m trying to put together a line of new stuff for an online entity that may take some of my stuff to sell online. I finished the Merino Soft sweater and I just love it – my wonderful neighbor modeled it for me (she’s a really nice person, a perfect fit model and really beautiful to boot – a triple threat – did I mention that she’s a mom to two of the most beautiful sons you’ve ever seen?) I’m very lucky in my neighbors. It makes me miss Fred all the more.

Bob Garfield from On the Media had a lovely bit about Mr. Rogers – you can hear it here (it might not be up yet… it’s not as of 9:00 am on Saturday EST) I love that radio show – it’s really the best of public radio.

Okay – repeat after me – CONSERVATIVE MEDIA BIAS – if we keep saying it often enough perhaps it will slip into our consciousness. If you don’t believe me, read this.

I say we toss the scum into the cement pond.


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