More Students!

I just finished a GREAT first class – quite small, but really wonderful! One of my students from my Tuesday evening class brought two friends and have created their OWN Wednesday afternoon class.

Of course, this would be the day that:

1. My husband’s car breaks down

2. He has to be in Southern NJ for a work gig

3. It’s a long day at school for Max (a fact I forgot when I scheduled the class for 12:30 – yikes!)

4. My asthma is pretty bad due to the wet/cold weather

Aside from that – everything’s stellar! I’m supposed to be starting a “small business” class at the local adult ed center tonight. My registration was returned yesterday by the PO (still trying to figure THAT one out) but when I called they said to just come to the class and pay at the door. I’m looking forward to it! I’m (amazingly) actually selling a good number of patterns and kits from my website – now I have to get serious about the business end of it and treat the teaching / lecturing / designing & kit making all as parts of one small business entity. At least I have a good accountant!

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