Think Pink

In case any of you have been in a bottom drawer for the past few weeks, climb out of it and visit Knitty and enjoy the pinkness of perfect spring knitting!

It is warm and lovely here – 70∫ today – I got out the “miracle pansies” which are supposed to come back to life after their dormant winter on my back porch and bloom again. We’ll see – I want flowers! The tulips and hyacinths are coming up and the croecus’ are already starting to bloom. FINALLY.

The down side of all this warmth is the mud (it’s the mud, it’s the MUD) The other day Gerry got out of the car with Maxie and said, “Watch out Max, it’s Mud City over there!” Max replied, “…and there’s Snow City, and there’s Ice City, and there’s Poop City!

Ah, the joys of dog ownership.

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I knit weird and I enjoy showing others how to find the joy and intuitiveness within their OWN knitting! We don't knit to make THINGS, we knit to make OURSELVES HAPPY!

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