Getting Faster…

Yesterday I had three deadlines for submission to magazines – I’m definitely getting faster and working smarter when I send out my sketch & swatch packages, which is a very good thing!

I also got notification that my screw-up sweater WILL be in the Fall Knitters (I guess I’d better stop calling it that…) I think it’s a really fun design, and it knits up so quickly but has a lot of bang for the buck! I think they’re calling it the “Puffy Jacket” – which makes me think of that Seinfeld episode…

I went for a walk yesterday to the post office to send off the above mentioned design packets and BANG! down I went on the sidewalk on Scotland road in South Orange! What a fall. You know when you start to fall, and you build momentum as you’re going down, but you try to save yourself and you just add more forward momentum? Sometimes you’re able to pull out of it (· l‡ an RAF pilot in a WWII movie) and sometimes you crash an burn.

Yesterday was the latter for me!

My knees are more skinned than they’ve been since I was 5 and my palms are scratched up and sore. A very kind man watched me fall (probably wishing he had a video camera) and came over to help me up. Kindness makes me cry, but I was able to hold back a bit until I stumbled on to the Post Office – no room for tears there!

BTW – one of the reasons I’ve been posting so little is that I’m doing some graphic work for a political campaign in my town. Nothing big, just Village Prez and Trustees, but it all starts on our own blocks, huh? Here’s my latest effort.

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